Our most recent project is continually evolving. Check out the progress, here:

Jessica Caswell has gone above my expectations in helping me rebrand and create a new website.

Kristy Burtenshaw LMTSI

“It’s such a huge undertaking to start over, so I knew it was best to find a professional to make it faster and easier. I was right. I spent so much time learning blogger years ago, that I could have bumped around wordpress and figured some things out…in triple the time.

“However, I didn’t know how to do a lot of things that required coding. And the slider…bless you, Jess.

“I still have to upload the courses on “Things you wish you’d known when you were eleven about fertility,” and “Healing your gut health with foods your kids like,” and the like.

“I’m uploading my old blog posts from blogger and cleaning up some of my loquacious (lol! right?! that’s my problem…wordy) language to make it more reader friendly.

“I’m also working on remodeling my garage into an office so I have a location for bodywork, classes, and teaching continuing education to other massage therapists. Now that UCMT is gone we really need good continuing ed available in Utah.

“The pics are just from the home page, there’s so much more and I’m so excited! Thank the Lord my health is improving enough to be able to help others heal again! <3 😀

“I definitely need to post on instagram more. 😉

“Oh, and Jess taught me a few shortcut on indesign. Seriously, such a great program I wish I’d learned earlier.”